Real Estate Training Center - Study to Earn Your Colorado Real Estate License From Anywhere


Real Estate Training Center offers the opportunity to renew Broker's licenses through continuing education, and new applicants to become licensed Brokers. Aspiring Colorado Brokers are encouraged to enroll in our Colorado real estate training school to begin their journey to becoming a Broker.

Join our real estate school live or online, and take advantage of our many real estate licensing and license renewal classes, all approved and regulated by the Colorado Real Estate Commission, Division of Private Occupational Schools.

Our real estate training uses our experienced real estate educators that offer real estate licensing and real estate license renewal continuing education classes for real estate brokers at our Colorado real estate school.

Enroll in the continuing education programs offered by our real estate school today, and take advantage of these real estate school opportunities in Colorado:

  • 100% approved and regulated real estate training.
  • ‘Last Minute’ license renewals with our live and online license renewal continuing education classes.
  • Enroll in our real estate school for your Colorado Broker licensing training
  • You can enroll in our real estate school from any state.
  • Advance your existing career with license renewal continuing education at Real Estate Training Center of Colorado, Inc.
  • Real Estate license renewal continuing education through our real estate school with experienced real estate educators

Real Estate Training Center's Educators Can Coach You with Their Years of Education Experience


At Real Estate Training Center, we have professional real estate educators ready to help. Our real estate educators are committed to assisting students with everything they need to learn.

Students are guided by our real estate educators through the required real estate licensing course work and practice exams so that they can relatively easily earn their Colorado Broker license.

Our real estate educators are available over the phone, email and via SMS, to guide you while you learn about the rules and regulations for passing the State Exam and obtaining your license.

The Real estate educators at our real estate school in Colorado implement their years of experience being real estate educators to:

  • Offer Colorado state regulated online courses for distance learning; as well as live real estate licensing and license renewal classes.
  • Provide license renewal continuing education classes for real estate broker license renewal.
  • Provide license renewal continuing education for those in commercial and residential real estate property management.

Real Estate Training Center Offers REAL Support in Your Career


Our real estate school has real estate educators that offer complete support.

Our real estate educators provide support to students to pave their career path, and polish their skills and abilities by being able to enroll them in many different license renewal continuing education courses, and our online learning programs.

The real estate educators at our real estate school are proving themselves as innovators of distance education having:

Effective and stable license renewal continuing education plans for the Colorado licensee

  • An easy payment plan available for our broker licensing classes
  • Instructor support is always available over the phone, email, and via SMS

We ARE 'Real Estate Training Center'; your FULL SERVICE Real Estate School in Colorado AND Nationwide!